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7 Common Myths about Lead Generation

According to online statistics, more than 70% of a lead generation organization spends time and money on marketing. It is one of the top priorities of companies across all industries and sizes. However, there seem to be quite a good number of myths surrounding lead generation.

6 Best Sales Motivation Tactics

The job of any good sales manager in any industry is to keep her/his team constantly energized and making them sell their products with so much positive vibes. In order to keep the sales up and running, some managers may offer some of presents, cash rewards, conduct competitions

What is North Star Metric?

Managing any business can be an uphill task. It is not easy to find a balance between concentrating on the product and the growth of the company. Every company has a well defined mission to meet a need and a unique value to meet that need. This is where the North Star Metric (NSM) comes into play.

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