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Find anyone’s business email address by name and company domain.

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Email Lookup

Email Lookup helps you to get the verified business email address directly and rapidly by name, and company domain. It uses many methods to find emails—it searches several million records and cross checks with the existing data in the database and performs direct server validation.

Why LeadMine?

200 million contacts

Search through millions of records and pinpoint the companies and contact information for key people.

Export in CSV

Save your target leads in a separate list and export them into CVS file along with their email addresses.

Bulk Email Finder

Upload your incomplete data files with ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘Company Name’ to get valid email addresses.

Only up-to-date data

We use live sources, and our data gets updated on a daily basis. No outdated databases here.

No more bounces

We only return emails addresses that we are able to verify, and guarantee a deliverability rate of over 95%.

Chrome Extension

Find targeted leads and their email addresses from any corporate websites and Google search results in seconds.

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