What is a follow-up email?

A follow-up email as the name suggests is a way to follow -up or keep track of the status of your previously sent email to your lead.

A follow-up email is written as a reminder or alert to the prospective lead to take notice of your message and prompt them to make a move.

Why write a follow-up mail?

Did you write to your prospect, hoping and excited to make new ties but no one responded and you feel rejected?

With so much stuff already popping in life and on mails, of course, there is a high and fair chance that your ideal prospect skips and skims your precious mail.

Moreover, many research and data studies have shown the increased response rate due to the follow-up email and successful alliances between people.

How to write a follow-up email?

Are you just fed up taking chances and want definite answers, these tips and insights might help you to write a follow-up email that grabs the attention of your prospect and help to connect with you.

1. Anger will only repel- take note of this

We understand you are aggrieved about your efforts to make a connection not proving to be fruitful enough, but you need to calm down.

Sounding rude to your potential lead is the last thing that you would want to do. the tone should never sound distressed and aggressive as it might instigate your already busy potential lead in a negative manner

1. for eg: too busy to respond?

Your anger can take away the best of opportunities.

2. A warm and little cup of coffee/tea

Be polite and pleasant and greet your lead and offer them a warm and short e-mail as a gentle reminder of your initial offering and convey your message hot and with crispy insight and wholesome flavor...And importantly  Mention the reason for your outreach

The perfect tips:

1. Homely and simple -stay human as personalization is the key  to the heart and be humble

2. Don’t overdo it -keep it very short  as a little cup is enough  

3. Enlighten them with the news nuggets side to side- site and update them with compelling information that might prompt action.

Example to summarize: Keep it personalized, short and compelling

3. Highlight the opportunities: and keep them hooked

A great way to get back your lead is by shedding light on the hidden opportunities that your alliance could bring by

  • Offering incentives  such as discounts or pay raises if feasible or restructuring the deal in a negotiable and lucrative manner  

  • Quoting your profits, revenue, or any other benefits  with your previous and similar union

  • Proving your expertise and uniqueness-among all the cold calling why do you still hold value and what makes you different from your competitors.

Eg: “at leadmine advanced search optimization filters are used (highlight your strengths)”

4. Thank them for their time

Express your gratitude, irrespective of the fact whether your client responded or not, to  acknowledge the fact is probably reading your email once again,  out of their busy schedule and convince them that this time you are more confident.

A good follow-up email should be able to  set the context with minimum and simple words.

Lastly, insert the final vote of thanks in actual words

E.g: “thank you and looking forward”

5. Use the Lag Time:

Don’t lose hope and research until your prospect lead has not responded and till then find more about them to scale it to personalization and provide them with effective and apt solutions.

Eg: “we saw your company has recently started a new venture”

6. Keep it open-ended:

Try to keep the tone conversational and open, and call to action that will make this all worthwhile.

  • Interactive content - sending them articles and other information that might be handy and relatable to them, allowing them to react and interact with you.

  • Polls - yes, no polls are just a short and simple way to ask your potential lead if they are in for the deal or not. This saves a lot of time as without thinking much your potential lead, can respond in one word. Other polls relating to the market might pique interest and grab their attention towards your follow-up email. 

  • Ask for queries - sound approachable and ask them if they have any queries for you to answer. 

  • Contact information - provide them with contact information so that without thinking twice they can easily speak to you. 

  • Schedule an online meeting - provide them with timestamps to attend a meeting. 

  • Open Invitations - formal and informal; let's catch up for breakfast or other seminars or orientation or one on one chat sessions.

  • Portray your willingness - using lines such as stay in touch, looking forward to or we are excited to work with you,     


In the bustle of activities, your email might not be the only thing that the world is looking at. Be persistent and remember, as rightly quoted by the founder of Lenskart “create meaning and money will follow”, altering this to  “create meaning and your potential lead will follow up.“

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