Email Finder Alternatives

Email Finder is an efficient tool one needs to connect with any professional.

What is Email Finder?

Email Finder is an efficient tool one needs to connect with any professional. It stores all our data together like email addresses found on the internet and its verification so that it can provide us with the right information regarding the source of contact within seconds.

The Email Finder can help you access the email address of a list of people. It aids you in discovering verified business email addresses directly by a person's name, domain name and company name.

How does it work?

It is easy and smooth to use. Here are the necessary steps:

  1. First, you have to enter a domain name.

  2. Email finder will search for the email address based on the domain name you entered.

  3. You can copy/paste the required email address or you can download the list of email addresses in CSV/TXT files.

Why use Email Finder?

An email finder is a necessary tool to grow your business by connecting to potential customers to shoot up your sales.

  • Generates new leads

    You can use an email finder to generate leads to reach out to more potential customers who can sell your product. It permits you to expand your business by connecting with marketing leads.

  • Helps in growing business

    With the aid of email finder, you can explore and bond with investors that will be interested to contribute to your company. You can also get in touch with the influencers to promote your brand to a targeted audience.

  • Eases Recruitment

    An email finder may save your time and accelerate the hunt for the right person for the job position as email addresses of seniors can be searched and used for setting up an interview.

Email finder alternatives

  1. Hiretual

It is a chrome extension that finds email addresses. It also collects additional information like experience, seniority and range of compensation.

It is packed with an AI sourcing assistant so you can lay back and let it do the required work for you.

  1. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert comes with a friendly assistant that helps you find corporate email and lets you examine the tool with 50 free leads.

It is hassle free to use and you are not required to install a plugin.

  1. Hunter

Hunter is a popular email finder tool that offers domain search and email verification.

If you enter a target domain, it will search for as many verified emails as it can find for that specific domain.

  1. LeadMine

LeadMine provides advanced filtering to find the exact lead by name, company name, domain, industry, position and location.

Its simple interface makes it a great alternative for users. It does not demand any prior technical expertise to use LeadMine.

Now, you can expand your business, boost your sales and grow your network by using an email finder as per your requirement in a short span of time by enjoying a connection with the best in the corporate world.

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