Want more customers to buy your product?

Want more customers to buy your product?

LeadMine is dedicated to support you in generating qualified leads for your retail business.

Find e-commerce leads instantly

The fastest and easiest way to find any B2B leads with business email address. Discover new leads for your sales, talent acquisition, PR or HR.

Reach right audience

Identify your leads

  • Check mark Discover who are your leads with any search filter.
  • Check mark Save those list of leads, they are your future customers.
Understand buyer intent

Appear in front of your leads

  • Check mark Acknowledge your leads and your existence.
  • Check mark LeadMine provide your Email id and other demographic information.
No more bounces

Convert your leads into your customers

  • Check mark Contacting and offering them going to convert them into your customers.
  • Check mark Improve your conversion rate and increase revenue.
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Only up-to date data

Email is everything

  • Check mark Almost everyone checks their email regularly.
  • Check mark Maximize the number of customers with email marketing.

Grow your business with LeadMine

With LeadMine, you have everything you need for better lead generation, all in one place.

Million Contacts 200 million contacts

Search through millions of records and filter the companies and contact information for key leads.

Export To Csv Export in CSV

Save your target leads in a separate list and export them into CVS file along with their email addresses.

Bulk Email Finder Bulk Email Finder

Upload your incomplete data files with ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘Company Name’ to get valid email addresses.

Live Data Only up-to-date data

You get live sources and our data gets updated on a daily basis, you can never find an outdated data.

No Bounces No more bounces

We only return emails addresses that we are able to verify, and guarantee a deliverability rate of over 95%.

Email Finder Extension Chrome Extension

Find targeted leads and their email addresses from any corporate websites and Google search results in seconds.

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