Lead Generation for High Growth Sales Team

Lead Generation for High Growth Sales Team

LeadMine is a lead generation platform used by all types of businesses. From over 200 million contacts, you may identify your target B2B leads as well as emails

The best sales intelligence software

The fastest and easiest way to find any B2B leads with business email address. Discover new leads for your sales, talent acquisition, PR or HR.

Get rich information on your leads

Identify sales opportunities with Leadmine

  • Check mark Move products from market to customer.
  • Check mark Influence your lead and convert them into your customers.
  • Check mark Without quality leads, sales may drop.
Know your customers

Manage your sales possibilities

  • Check mark Improve your sales and conversion rates with quality leads.
  • Check mark Opportune your found leads and follow up.
  • Check mark Sales are easier when you sell to your targeted leads instead of to a common man.
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Uncover hidden insights

Contact through email

  • Check mark Leads are trash when you only have their name.
  • Check mark We provide you with demographic information on leads.
  • Check mark All you have to do is only contact them.
Lead Finder

Lead lookup is simplified!

Build a targeted B2B list

Find any qualified business leads across all industries within seconds.

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Email Lookup

Find anyone’s business email address by name and company domain.

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Email Verifier

Verify the deliverability of any email address.

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Email Finder Extension

Install and find email addresses from any corporate websites and Google search results.

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What is LeadMine?

LeadMine is a powerful lead generation software to find any B2B leads and their email addresses. We have 200+ million business contacts which are collected from all over the public web.

What does the LeadMine Chrome Plugin do?

LeadMine Chrome Plugin is designed to get leads from any corporate websites, and Google search results. With a single click, you can collect your leads and we will automatically find corporate email addresses of the leads. Then you can download your leads in CSV file from the LeadMine dashboard.

You can install LeadMine chrome plugin from chrome web store.

Is there a free plan?

Absolutely. Sign up and you will get 10 credits per month for free. A credit card isn't required to signup.

Why haven’t I gotten the 'email confirmation' email after sign up?

Sometimes there might be some short delay in our mail server sending out the verification email. Other times, it may be that your email server marks it as spam, so please make sure to check the spam folder! If you do not get the verification email in a reasonable amount of time, please contact us.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payments online by credit cards and PayPal. For annual payments we also accept bank transfers.

Grow your business with LeadMine

With LeadMine, you have everything you need for better lead generation, all in one place.

Million Contacts 200 million contacts

Search through millions of records and filter the companies and contact information for key leads.

Export To Csv Export in CSV

Save your target leads in a separate list and export them into CVS file along with their email addresses.

Bulk Email Finder Bulk Email Finder

Upload your incomplete data files with ‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’ and ‘Company Name’ to get valid email addresses.

Live Data Only up-to-date data

You get live sources and our data gets updated on a daily basis, you can never find an outdated data.

No Bounces No more bounces

We only return emails addresses that we are able to verify, and guarantee a deliverability rate of over 95%.

Email Finder Extension Chrome Extension

Find targeted leads and their email addresses from any corporate websites and Google search results in seconds.

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  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card required