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Your email never really reached your leads

There are millions of fake or disposable emails are generated every day, incase you have mailed to a disposable email it will be logged in no device or it will be read by no one.

No Revenue

As emails are disposal, they cannot generate you any business or profit.

No Response

You can not connect or interact with any human to get reply or any kind of response.

Data Security Risk

Individuals will very often use disposable email address in order to disguise their fraudulent actions.

Wasted Effort

You might have personalized you email using your time and internet connection and space


What are disposable email addresses?

Disposable email addresses are a one-time use email address. People use disposable email address for a very, very short time and then never again.

Why does a visitor use a disposable Email Address on my site?

1. They don't want to continue interacting or engaging with you or your company.
2. Visitors don't trust you or your company.
3. They don't have an option other than signing in for something they want.
4. They are the security threat to your website by trying or holding out a fraudulent action.

Are there any other names for disposable email addresses?

Disposal email addresses are also called temporary email addresses, one-time email addresses, trash email addresses, single-use email addresses, one-off email addresses, Burner email addresses, throwaway email addresses, Use-and-throw email addresses, and fake email addresses.

Can I identify if an email address is disposable or not?

You can detect any email address in LeadMine disposable email checker for free.

Why is it important that marketers should ignore disposable email addresses?

Using temporary email addresses damages the engagement rate, ruins the domain reputation, and lowers the sender's reputation.

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