Can You Export Leads from Sales Navigator?

What is sales Navigator?

Linked-in sales navigator is a powerful tool to find your prospects or potential leads.

It uses advanced search filters to do the magic. build your network, catering to your requirements, effectively and efficiently. You can get a segmented list of your potential leads, according to the filters you apply and target them.

But what about saving this list?

Once the list is generated, further action is required i.e saving or exporting this data for reference and optimization.

  • You can extract the leads to Excel in the form of a CSV FILE (A CSV file allows you to view, exchange and edit data and records uniformly in various applications.)

  • If you are using a CRM (customer relation management) system which automates the whole process of communicating with your lead directly, the lead list generated saves a lot of time and energy.

How to Export leads from Sales Navigator?

Using LeadMine, you can export leads from the linkedIn sales navigator in a simple and effective manner. Here’s how,

  • Find your leads using the LinkedIn sales navigator.

  • Search for prospects perusing your connection's connection and by applying search filters according to your requirement.

  • To use a sales navigator, you need to subscribe or pay a premium for using the powerful tool for your sales outreach.

  • The LinkedIn Sales navigator plans range from $79.99 per Per-user per month, billed $959.88 annually to other plans Click for details.

It’s the time to LeadMine

  • Sign up or login to your LeadMine account and install the LeadMine chrome extension.

  • Locate the extension button on your LinkedIn Sales Navigator search.

  • Click and voila you’ll be able to extract all the leads using LeadMine.

The best part is you find genuine and bonafide contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers that are verified, so you don’t have to worry about bounce-offs.

  • Save and Sync.

  • Download the leads in the form of a CSV file in Excel .

  • Create your cold email template.

  • Redirect the freshly downloaded leads to the template and send them straight, without worrying much about verification.

  • If using a CRM, let it flow smoothly when you have everything in your platter ready to be freshly served to the customers.

Why Leadmine?

Verification victory - using LeadMine with sales navigator is a great way to ensure verification of data and records boosting accuracy and the deliverability rates.


Extract files in a CSV format to control and build your network, in a simple manner, yet contacting many people simultaneously.

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