How to Write a Compelling Email Subject Line?

What is an email subject line?

A subject line is the header of an email, a blend of a few words that conveys what the email is about so that the recipient, gets an idea of what they are about to read.

Importance of a good email subject line

An email subject line determines the probability of your email being read, and whether all the efforts you took to write the perfect email to impress your potential lead has paid off or not.

Like a good trailer of a movie, excites the viewers and evokes them to watch it, similarly, a good email subject line can instantly prompt the reader to click and build their interest to know more about it.

Craft your own compelling email subject line

Here are some tips and tricks to write the perfect email subject line:

  • Never undermine the power of words

    THE BIGGEST MISTAKE people make is undervaluing the power of words. A few words can be so crucial and can leave a deep impression on the reader’s mind. they don’t have to necessarily fancy, rather simple and moving. These triggering words are called power words or buzz words. A lot of websites can help you find the perfect power words for your subject line.

  • Keep it short as the name suggests (email subject line), it’s a line, don’t overdo it, and let a few words hold great power and meaning.

  • And words are all I have, to take your heart away –

    Personalization is the key to unlocking the hearts of your potential lead, so make them feel acknowledged by adding a personal touch as quoted by Maya Angelou -

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” .a great way to 

Make that connection by carefully segmenting the target audience on the following basis

  1. Location 
  2. Designation of the person- student or employee
  3. Inserting names
  4. Any other specification that might correlate with your offering 
  5. Gender 
  6. Audience or fan base if any 

Proper research must be done for personalization to prove fruitful.

  • Mail brings back all the memories-  Make references from your research or any past conversation that connected you and remind your prospect who you are so that it makes them notice.

  • Sale! Sale! Sale! Or maybe not – With so much selling around, Consumers today don’t want them to picture themselves as baits, they are more aware and alert. Build trust and connect to them in a friendly manner and not as a sales target .stay human and remember the mantra “business is people”

    Different approaches to email subject line

  • THE VALUE- Panic attack- identifying the problems and pains of your potential lead and comforting them by providing them the ideal solution or simply making them feel acknowledged and valued. Eg- “We know it can be exhausting“.

  • Are you curious enough?-BUILD MYSTERY An email subject line that provokes that the reader to think and generate curiosity compels them to think and connect the dots and ensure themselves if they are missing out on something. It can be related to unrelated to the context of the whole subject line but the subject line should make sense.

    Adding quirky elements could also be a great way to do this.

    Eg- “we found the secret to ….”

  • The controversy- We, humans, have a natural tendency to react when someone expresses their thoughts that are not aligned with ours, or when something that doesn’t fit into the current standards. Or you can even take the risk of bluntly quoting things in an open-ended manner, which might instigate people on a glance, but as they read they get the bigger and better picture.

  • Ask a Question- in your email subject line, you can ask your lead a question that might urge them to find the right answers and hence open your mail. These questions can be related to the market or other specific questions concerning your client or what they are looking for (job, product, service, etc).

  • Or be Punny- Adding fun elements such as jokes and puns could light up the inbox of your client, and might even bring a smile after a tiring day and hence increase the chances of getting noticed.

  • It is URGENT-NOW OR NEVER- Create an urge that they are missing on a golden opportunity, by not reading your email, as it contains some treasured information.

There are various email subject line checker websites that could assist you to know the degree and quality of your subject line.


Writing a creative and intelligent email subject line could do wonders and help you expand your network of connections, and is a quintessential part of the email that should stand out, and provide a bonafide reason for your mail to be opened.

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