What are cold emails?

An age-old saying “if you don’t take a chance, you don’t stand a chance” is exactly what cold emails trying to convey.

Cold emailing means sending emails to people having no prior or existing connection, who could be a potential and ideal lead or customer or connection or in other words simply taking a chance to interact and build connections with unassociated persons by reaching out to them through emails to grow and expand your network.

Have you ever received emails about your favorite product category on your mail that might have piqued your interest and you willing to try that product? But how does that company know exactly know about your interest? The answer is research. The value of information and data is the greatest in this modern world. And this is exactly the purpose of cold emails, digging data and information to use it as a trajectory to connect and capture the market.

Now taking this chance to interact with unknown people could sound a bit overwhelming for many people, but this chance could prove to be a golden opportunity to generate new and fresh leads and connections. But let’s admit some of these uninvited emails are just irritating and you feel they are just intrusive, and you don’t want to spam people similarly, so here are some simple insights and important things and tips to remember when you are writing your next cold email.

The Cold Mail Trail 

1. The glass window formula - short, clear, and straightforward

Keep your message clear, concise, and easy for the lead to see and gain insights on a casual look.

Like through a transparent glass window you can see what is beyond the other side and then let the prospect decide for their own. A simple email with a straight message, that is easy to understand and decode even for an amateur in basic terms, and ditching the high-end vocabulary. Mention your goals, objectives, and expectations clearly so that the lead knows exactly what are you offering.

Add a direct and genuine subject line that addresses the problems or provides the solution.

2. Respect time

Value and respect your lead’s time and convey the honest message in a short and summarized manner.

Sugar-coating? No, Sorry! Don’t have time for that,  Why waste your energy and your client’s energy by glazing the extra layer that is unasked for.   In modern times, where people are already juggling a lot of things, the importance of time is realized. Adding content to your mail just to make it long, though redundant, could repel your prospective client instantly. Keep it brief and sum up your offerings to the point and let the love happen at the first sight.  KEEP IT REAL, don’t swoon around.

Mention your needs and purpose in short in a deliberate way to put your point straight.

3. Decode the real value backed by research

Give them a fulfilling reason, a purpose-why choose you? Among all the mails, is this one worthwhile? Want to impress your potential lead and prove to them your alliance could be befitting for both of you? Research is the answer. Find out the real reasons and purpose of sending these unsolicited mails to the particular lead due to their current positioning or history or other relevant data that might deem fit and quote them the same to corroborate the fact that this alliance could help grow and expand mutually.   There are a lot of opportunities if you look out for them while carrying your research which could be aligned to provide value to the customer.

The body must consist of any information that might affect the decision of your potential client, for eg: a partnership with XYZ company, that generated a lot of revenue and say your prospective lead is in a similar position.

4. Make it interesting to compelling – Ready. set. Action!

  • Be ready - Keep it simple, yet unique and original enough to arise curiosity, maybe by adding your research or other fun elements to the level of personalization.
  • Set - The main goal is to keep the reader glued to the mail till the very end. 

  • Action - and compels them to make a move or action.

  • Making your mail actionable is an essential part to derive value from cold emails by adding details like contact number, meeting links, call time slots, or simply adding polls or mention to revert if interested.

  • An eye-catching yet simple line could prompt action, use less but powerful words to communicate.

5. Garnish it with the "personal touch"

The key to grabbing the attention of a stranger is to make them feel that they are after all not so strange. Pre collecting information, data, and other facts about your prospective lead and using it as evidence of your interest and conviction in them, could drive them to think about the proposal.

  • Inserting names could be a great way to address the potential lead directly.

  • Mentioning specifications that only features in your ideal lead.

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