How to Verify an Email Address Without Sending an Email?

After sending your well-thought, conducive mail, in an attempt to make new connections, Is the magic happening? Will your cold mail pay off?

But first, ask - Is your cold mail reaching your prospect? Reaching here means if your mail has been successfully delivered to your prospect’s inbox.

Problems with email addresses and deliverability of emails and other reasons you never knew while you were waiting and sulking after no response,

  • The Garbage dump - The spam folder is one of the most famous garbage dumps in the digital era, and your mail might end up here. Due to the swarm of spammers, fraudsters, and prying eyes on privacy, data shows how most of the emails bounce and end up in the spam folder without ever reaching your ideal prospect.

  • A no game-game - how will you win, if you are sending your message to an email address that is non-existent, non-operational, or fake.  

Hence verification is necessary to rout such problems and ensure your email is landing in your lead’s inbox. And the good news is a lot of solutions are now available to verify an email address.

Here’s a common myth about email verification

You have to send an email first, to ensure deliverability - No you don’t have to lose your “sender’s reputation”, to verify an email address before sending the actual message. Thanks to the technology, there are email verification and email finder tools which work and verify effectiveness and efficiency.

Fact about email verification - Before we jump on how to verify an email address, let's address the fact that email verification increases the response rate and is very easy to do so.

Now here’s the answer to the most-awaited question “How to Verify an Email Address Without Sending an Email?”

  • The one: - Email verification tools are available for free and for premium depending upon your need, you can opt and simply verify your data according to the scale of operations.

  • The two in one: - Finder tools are also available that not only garner emails for you but also verify their hand to hand. You can even get a list of verified email addresses to fulfill your cold mail outreach smoothly.

What is LeadMine? - LeadMine is the all in one solution

From finding an email address to verifying it without sending any mail or to getting other details such as contact information, job description, or any sales-related inquiry. We have abundant resources ready for you, just ask. And the best part is some of our basic services are FREE including an email finder and verification tool.

How to use LeadMine?

The one: You can use LeadMine’s email verification tool

  • By visiting https://www.leadmine.net/ and simply opting for a free trial by signing up and creating your free account, or scheduling a demo.

  • Enter the email address you want to verify in the search box.

  • If the mail is verified, it will display “valid email address” and also mention if the format, the domain is good and is deliverable and not disposable.

  • If the email is not verified, it will display “invalid email address”, and comment on the existence and above mentioned

Voila! Within a few seconds, you can check the deliverability of any email address using this easy, smooth, and handy tool.

The two in one: You can use LeadMine’s email finder tool to find and verify individual or multiple emails at once by

  • Visit https://www.leadmine.net/  and as mentioned above create a free account

  • Now you have two options- either by entering both name and domain or simply by entering the domain name.

  • If you want specific results, we recommend the first option by simply putting up your first and last name in the name search bar and domain in the domain search bar.

  • If you want an email address in bulk, opt for the second option and get a curated list of multiple email addresses.

Remember to enter the domain name correctly and in the correct format to get results.

Why choose leadmine’s email verifier and finder over other verification and email finder tools? - it’s good

  • It’s simple - The user-friendly interface makes it hassle-free.

  • It's updated - Our data is consistently updated so that you get the best results.

  • It’s accuracy - We don’t just believe in quantity, but quality as well and our data is backed up by our hard-core research for accuracy.

Email Verifier Vs Email Finder

The answer to this depends on scalability and requirements. If you want bulk emails to cater to your cold outreach, go for the finder. On the other hand, if you are targeting individuals, verify the email address using the email verifier and don’t think much and laser focus.

Free or paid?

“Free” any day sounds lucrative and does the job pretty well, if you want to meet basic needs, and if your scale of operation is small, but paying premium tags along with some benefits like automation and other integrated functions saves time and effort.

Start using LeadMine for free now.

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