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1) LeadMine is simpler to use. provides you with basic filtering of leads by name and company domain. But LeadMine provides an advanced filtering to find the most accurate B2B leads by name, company name, domain, position, industry and location.

LeadMine’s clean, simple and search-like interface makes it very easy to get it up and running. It does not require any prior knowledge or technical expertise to use LeadMine.

You’ll get awesome core features like lead search, email lookup and email verification, without having to navigate a maze of features you don’t need.

With LeadMine, All you see when you log in is your simple search box:

1. Lead Finder - Search leads through our clean and simple interface
LeadMine Lead Search
2. Email Lookup - Find the email address of any professionals
LeadMine Email Lookup
3. Email Verifier - Verify the deliverability of any email address
LeadMine Email Verifier
4. Chrome Plugin - Source prospects from any domain

Our powerful chrome plugin helps you to get leads' information along with their business email address from any corporate websites and Google search results.

a) Find leads' info from any website
Lead Prospector

b) Save leads' info from Google search results
LeadMine Prospector

2) LeadMine provides accurate corporate email addresses.

We know, you always want to get deliverable email addresses. charges you every time it returns an email. It does not check the deliverability of email addresses since it takes them from the public web. LeadMine supports multiple layers of verification to make sure that you will only get and charged for verified email addresses.

3) LeadMine is more affordable.

We believe that small business software should be affordable for small businesses.

Desperate to find clear pricing for the product you're buying? Not with LeadMine. Starting with $29 per month with 100 credits for sales teams and startups. Get your 10 free credits today and see for yourself!

4) LeadMine customer support team is always at your service.

We’re committed to making sure that you have the best experience you possibly can using LeadMine.

We offer the same responsive customer support to all our customers - be it a customer on the smallest to the largest plan. We do not discriminate our customers based on how much they pay us. Our team is just an email or a tweet away. If you pick us as your alternative, we will do everything we can to make you successful.

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