How to Extract Emails from LinkedIn Groups?

LinkedIn groups for business

The adage "Try, try and try again until you succeed” is a golden statement if you are a part of the business hub. Trial in business implies experimenting and finding ways to somehow expand and build a complete network.

LinkedIn is now a platform that allows you to keep pace with the world, which is now in a stampede of sales. Using LinkedIn, you can expand your business by connecting with opportunities in the form of people, organizations, resources, and data.

But from this throng, you need to filter and ensure that you cater to the right audience effectively without wasting time and resources. And for modern-day businesses, the LinkedIn group is a blessing allowing you to build and be a part of the communities to gain perspective, perceive ideas, and share them.

How do LinkedIn groups work?

LinkedIn Groups can be classified as close-knit communities exchanging ideas and information. Find or create your ideal group, and connections who are passionate about the same interests or business.

``Members belonging to their respective industry-related or interest piquing group can interact, offer and derive value and resources by observation and communication.

How to discover the ideal Linkedin groups for your business?

LinkedIn groups can be formed based on various commonalities such as specific and related industries to be updated by the latest news, discuss and make better decisions or just to gain insights about common interests, and the good news is the members of the community portray willingness and genuineness and thus an effective and organic way to build connections.

Discovering the right group is a journey that will help you succeed, finding the right people and targeting them at the right place.

  • In the search bar, use target words and keywords related to your forte and interests.

  • Apply the “GROUP” filter.

  • You will get a list of groups streamlining your interests and keywords used.

  • Yor can view the mutual connections belonging to the group if any and take considerations before joining.

  • You can further apply filters such as geography, job title, company, etc.

How to join the Ideal Group?

There are two types of groups on LinkedIn

  • Public group- you simply have to “ASK TO JON” to grant access

  • Private group-for joining a private group you need to request an invitation to the manager of the group

Right swipe to these groups

Initially, to try to approach and understand the working of LinkedIn groups by being a part of different types of groups ,i.e. A few sales group, content, industry-specific.

How to engage in LinkedIn Groups?

To increase the rate of response, engagement is proprietary, to learn, grab attention, and address your offerings. Following are some ways and tips to engage-

  • Be observant - Listen and be receptive to ideas to gain a wide perspective about the industry and audience, to recognize your ideal mentors, prospects, or crucial information that might be a game-changer.

  • Keep it ready - After being aware of the challenges, pain-points of your leads, share your experience and expertise in the form of valuable information or solutions, if you are aware, to help and make them feel at home in the little community. Keep your resources ready to gain the confidence of the members about your credibility and enthusiasm.

  • Don't force it - Never try to indulge forcefully in the topics you are clueless about or spam your sales pitch. This will prove to be a failed attempt to promote yourself and rather loosing your ideal prospects in annoyance.

  • Never be afraid to ask - If you have a query or general curiosity to learn or garner resources or negotiate, ask for it as this stimulates other members of the group to divert their attention towards your eagerness.

  • Sing them - “You belong with me “- Provide them the meaning and real value you provide through your business and revert to their queries either in the group itself to mark your presence or I communicate with them individually to cater to their specific needs inside or outside the scope of the group that you might help, to fabricate deep connections.

How to extract emails from LinkedIn groups?

Engagement on LinkedIn groups, Inmails, messages is important, but that should not limit and restrict you to a single platform for interaction, as an email is still a necessary tool in the corporate sector and people never forget to open their inboxes.

After finding and being a part of the right group, capture the essence of your target leads formulate a list and jot down personalized insights to prompt them, and you can derive their emails using LeadMine’s chrome extension. You can extract leads using sales navigator by signing to your LeadMine account adding the LeadMine Chrome Extension.

Here’s how to extract leads using sales navigator in detail.


Through Linkedin groups we can pivot our ideal customers effectively ,and using LeadMine, extract their emails efficiently.

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