What is Linkedin InMail

Linked in is a platform where you can connect with people for job opportunities, sales, or simply as an associate or to gain valuable insights and industry knowledge and build your network, increasing your outreach in a more approachable and easy manner.

What is linked InMail?

Now, once you connect with people by sending or accepting a connection request, you can contact them by simply messaging them, as they now form a part of your LinkedIn network.

But the linked in InMail features allows you to connect with people outside your network by directly dropping a mail and listing your offering in a more deliberate manner.

Message Vs InMail

Only direct or first degree connectionsEveryone, outside connections
Free, UnlimitedAccording to plan and credits

LinkedIn InMail, allows you to cater to your cold outreach needs effectively as this distinct feature captures the attention of your prospect and seems to be more authentic and promising.

Requirements to send a LinkedIn InMail

You need InMail credits to deliver your message to people apart from your connections on LinkedIn. For InMail credits, you need to switch and upgrade from your free LinkedIn account to either of the following

How much does InMail Cost?

Premium LinkedIn account

TypeCostInMail Credits
Premium Career$29.99/month, or $239.88/Annually5 Per Month
Premium Business$59.99/month, or $575.88/Annually15 Per Month
Premium Sales$79.99/month, or $779.88/ Annually20 Per Month
Premium Hiring$119.95/month, or $1,199.40/Annually30 Per Month

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional account

TypeCostInMail Credits
Core$79.99 per user per month, billed $959.88 annually50 Per Month
Advanced$125 Per-user per month billed $1,500 annually50 Per Month
Advanced PlusContact50 Per Month

Why LinkedIn InMail?

  • Turn Heads - Boost the CTR (click-through rate) and get noticed when your prospect gets a separate notification and your message doesn’t end up, lost in the spammer’s list.

  • Are you serious? - The credibility of an InMail increase, as people who have upgraded their LinkedIn account and paid for the premiums to gain the real value, psychologically seems to be more serious and oriented. Naturally, this attitude tends to be appealing to your prospect. And the chances of alliance with your ideal lead increases.

  • Get personal - Linked InMail allows to strike a conversation in a more personal and exclusive manner, unlike other cluttered messages.

  • Response rate increases - If used effectively, LinkedIn InMail can indulge the prospect and it boosts engagement.

How to write a LinkedIn InMail or other Cold Email?

To maximize the benefits of using InMail, consider the following

  • No more Automation - Due to increasing traffic on LinkedIn, a lot of unsolicited and automated messages are sent by spammers, and they are just redundant and wasteful. And when you purchased premium to highlight your offering, why to waste it?

  • Salesperson? “Thank You, Next” - Don’t try to pitch yourself or your product or service in a way that it may seem to be a bogus lucrative offer, because people can make it out by the tone of the message and it repels them instantly.

  • Personalization -The “YOU” Factor - Make it more conversational and stay human. By researching well about your prospect, score brownie points and get responded back, when they feel acknowledged. Some basics like inserting names, highlighting opportunities for them specifically, justifying why their particular profile was chosen? Can help to acquire your prospect.

Why not?

  • It only filters and is a more specific approach, InMail is available only on LinkedIn. It does not cater to prospects who are not on LinkedIn, limiting your outreach.

  • Other cold emails can be similarly sent for free and in an unrestricted manner, saving you tons of money and energy to figure out the whole process.

  • Due to budget constraints, it is not very affordable for many-

  • Want to send bulk emails, but do you have bulk InMail credits?

Cost of conversion

Since it is paid, we need to align the costs with the benefits derived. We need to ensure the effectiveness that for every InMail credit used, the prospect develops an interest and willingness and this cost of conversion is covered, else the premiums might engulf your hard-earned wealth.

Do you really need it?

It really depends upon the type and scale of your business, to assess whether a decision to increase your outreach will be ideal or not. A lot of factors including your budget, your target audience, your needs, characteristics of your product or service and your vision needs to be considered before investing.

If you want to send your mail in bulk, this might not be a feasible option.


The outreach of LinkedIn InMail is very specific and limiting, and it totally depends upon your business needs. Say, If you want to hire professionals, who are on the platform this is a good option to target them.

The key to increasing your cold outreach is to focus on cold emails in general. Check out how to write cold emails and it can help you build your network effectively and efficiently.

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