Remote Selling: 6 Tips from the Experts

If your sales team is always on the road, you need a new approach to lead management. But you also need to ensure that staff effectively track incoming leads, follow up with potential customers, and convert leads into sales.

Remote Selling is a fully informative and comprehensive guide about how online global selling has completely taken over the world. Now, it is virtually impossible to find a product that is not shipped internationally. It is really unbelievable how much profit can be made just by simply stalking the internet, reading a few emails, and spending a few hours a day at the computer.

Will Remote Working Save Small Businesses?

Remote working enables employers to hire workers from further afield. This expands the pool of skilled applicants for small businesses and is likely to help them fill more vacancies. But some companies may face challenges when recruiting remote workers.

Want to close deals faster? Looking for tips on how to persuade customers, make compelling pitches, and close the deal?

Learn how to start Remote Selling while keeping the customer engaged and excited about the purchase.

#1 Use the Right Tools

Of course, remote selling is only possible with the right tool. The purpose of your remote selling tool setup is to make you feel stable as much as possible like in the workspace.

To work effectively, you need the right remote working tools that will boost your productivity. So, before you jump at the ocean of software available in the market, take a few minutes and evaluate what will fulfil your work.

It could be an inefficient chat software or a to-do list that’s spread everywhere on the table. Once you identify the troubling thing; it is easy to evaluate which software you need to use.

Things to know before buying Tools:

  1. What is in it?
  2. How it solves my problems?
  3. Is it easy to use? (Because every second is counted in sales)

Choose the product which fits for you to work effectively and efficiently.

While talking about remote selling, Justin Javith, Founder of the LeadMine shared his thought

“With the right tools, we can maintain and improve the sales rate as well as prospect’s relationship. It’s in your interest to learn and use the tools to the fullest.”

Some of the tools that we think effective:

  1. Microsoft Team - For team chat
  2. Zoom - For team meetings
  3. Buffer - To schedule social media post
  4. Google Jamboard - A rich collaborative platform for teams
  5. LeadMine - For effective leads to increase your sales

#2 Burn the Wood, Lighten the Mood

You may now think what I am saying…

Well, Nothing!!! It is just a human psychology trigger strategy.

By understanding the importance of psychology in sales with prospects, you can engage and occupy your customer in effective and sensitive ways.

For example, if someone gives you something, you may feel obligated to return the favour through something.

We use this psychology strategy with our prospects during this crisis through offers and discounts. This would make your business stand apart from the remote selling competition.

Sign-up at LeadMine for a free trial and also we have a free plan for you.

#3 Think from Prospect’s Side

Everyone is a customer and also a salesperson in the real-world. Even before we came out of our mother’s womb, we are a patient/customer to our Obstetrician.

Thinking like a prospect will help you to realize what you need to improve and what to need to maintain the proper customer relationship.

In the normal in-office working days, we can easily thrive the office environment by rocking the in-person meetings. While in virtual meetings, it is quite difficult to rock the stage.

If the prospect is introverted then think of the situation. The virtual meetings may end-up in a mess. For those prospects, you need to think out-of-box like video content and blogging to occupy them.

If the prospect is an extrovert then you need more effective to maintain the relationship. Those people love having fun through working. So, know the prospect and think like a prospect.

Some of the things to maintain the customer relationship:

  1. Use the best channel to communicate that is used by everyone now
  2. Know the current challenges of your prospects
  3. Increase your sales marketing
  4. Concentrate on your current customer to retain

#4 Useful Content

Content is used for many benefits but I will focus on just two benefits:

It can sell the product when you can’t sell it

It gives the reason to get back in contact with your customers

Let’s start with the first benefit. If you are dealing with multiple buyers in a sale, content allows you to hold the core of your sales plan and maintain it over the same every time.

We have two categories of content:

  1. Sale Content: About the company, about the tool, about the service, why us – a complete overview.
  2. Engaging Content: Problem-solving oriented content for the audience.

Time for the second benefit about content!!!

When you have good content, you always have a reason to get in touch with your customer. Knock the customer virtual door and say that you have something to offer them. Then drop down your content at their doorstep and ask them to take care of themselves.

It is a good way to stay in contact with customers and also with past clients. Content is important when you sell in-person, but it is twice as important when you aren’t because there is no way you can arrange dinner to sell.

Some tips to communicate through creative way:

1. Creative Emails:

Make them smile while reading your emails.

This interview response email from Team Pumpkin made his day happy, which made him share it on LinkedIn.

2. Videos in Email:

Set your tone in the conversation by including a funny video in the sales email shows who you are, what you do, and where you would like this conversation to lead. In this virtual world, videos are a great way to connect with prospects due to fewer face-to-face opportunities.

3. Share content in Social Media:

Creating and sharing content in social media makes it engaging and easier for prospects to read and share it with others.

#5 Hit at the Right Time

Remote selling isn’t new for many of us. But in some companies, it was a surprise, and people hard to find at-home school, childcare, home gym, and work all at the same time. For sales conversations, the time and effort take to reach prospects.

Due to remote work, we miss the schedule that an office can provide us, but the sales team should create a structure that enables better prospecting.

#6 Take a Break

When you remain in one place for the entire day, your productivity would go for a walk without you. Task a regular break from work and workspace.

Go for walk, play with children, do some exercise or yoga, talk with family and friends, play football with neighbours, plan for a garden picnic, and so on.

You can do your best work when your mind is fresh and bright like the sun.

And, if someone asks why you are not online, say this…

Wrapping it up!!!

Ready to work in remote?

Whoosh…! You don’t have a choice right now. Keep your attitude and gratitude up, keep selling and enjoy your work.

Do you have any remote selling tips that worked for you? Don’t hesitate. Share it with us at LeadMine.

(End Tip: Asking your audience to share their strategies with you is also a tip)

Janani is a Content Writer at LeadMine. She’s an avid reader and tries to give valuable information and advice on prospect's issues through storytelling and data-driven content.

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