7+ Perfect Examples of a Meeting Request Email

In the past, many people were hesitant to send a meeting request email to another professional, fearing that they would sound pushy and rude. However, email has become the most efficient and cost-effective way to get involved in meetings. As a result, meeting request emails are now the fastest-growing part of the sales process.

This article will help you how to write an effective meeting request email, which can help you build rapport and keep up the relationship with the person you’re trying to meet.

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What is a Meeting Request Email?

When you’re making the extra effort to get a meeting with someone, you first want to collect as much information as possible about the person, their company, and their needs.

You can’t call up your contact and ask them to meet with you – at least, not without a connection already in place. That’s why the meeting request email is a valuable tool.

Meeting requests are one of the most common email messaging formats. They are formatted in a similar way to appointment requests, but unlike appointments, meeting requests are not typically made to set up a specific time.

Instead, meeting requests can be used to meet with someone to discuss a topic, or multiple topics in depth.

A correctly written meeting request email can save people time and money, and make sure that the meeting is executed in a timely manner.

Keys to an Effective Meeting Request Email

Here are the some tips to write an effective meeting request email

1. Impressive subject line

You want your email subject lines to be crystal clear, right? Well, they should be! This means being as clear as possible in ways that don't involve forwarded things.

A great subject line is a promise of what the recipient will receive upon opening the email, and you should aim to get the most promise possible out of the subject line.

Here’s the deal: Sending an email or even a sales email, for that matter—that doesn’t live up to expectations isn’t fun for anyone.

You’ve done your research, found a couple of high-value prospects, and you’re ready to rock. But when no one opens your email, or when they don’t follow through, you haven’t accomplished what you set out to do.

And so, if you want to get the most out of your sales calls, you should always use a subject line that will compel people to pay attention to it.

2. Introduce Yourself

As a common rule, it's always a best idea to begin your meeting request email by introducing yourself.  If you and your recipient haven't met, this time is the best to introduce yourself. You should let them know how you got their name and whether they were referred to you by someone. If you know the person, you should include a brief reminder of how you know them and where you met. Keep it short.

3. Purpose of Meeting

Why are you holding this meeting? Ideally, you can state the purpose of the meeting in a single sentence. The best purpose statements will describe the desired result for the meeting. It would be in polite but direct statement.

Try to be convincing by providing mutually beneficial reasons for wanting a meeting. Your meeting request email should show that you can provide value while enticing them with curiosity at the same time.

4. Location

A meeting location may be either a physical place, instructions for joining a virtual meeting, or both. For virtual meetings, you should include a link to join the online meeting, audio instructions or phone numbers, and any system requirements.

For physical meetings, the location should include enough detail that those invited can find the meeting on a map, date of the meeting.

If you are sending invitations using a calendar program, this makes it easy for people joining the meeting while traveling to dial in from a cell phone.

But, make sure to include the meeting phone number in the location field of the event.

What you need to do before writing Metting Request Email?

Before writing a meeting request email, you need to find and verify the email address.

You should always validate your prospect’s email address with LeadMine – the best email finder tool on the market. It is super cool and easy to use.

The Best 7+ Meeting Request Email Templates and Samples

Here are 7+ examples of  meeting request emails, ones that will get you in front of your prospects and ensure booked meetings.

1. Professional cold mail

This is an ideal email for reaching out to someone who doesn’t know you. Here’s an idea of what it should look like. In just one email, you have to cover a lot like Who are you, whom you work for, what you can provide for them, and why they should meet with you.

You want to cover this information in couple of lines.

Subject Line: [Your Company] + [Their Company] Meeting?

Dear[name of recipient],

I'm[name], working as [position] at [your company]. We're specialize in[detailed activities]. I see you’re the [role] at [company]. I think collaborating with us could help you reach your goals.

I’d like to invite you to our office at [address] for a meeting at [proposed date and time], when we can discuss this further.

If you’re unavailable, let me know when you’re free.

kind regards,

[your name]

You can adjust the level of formality depending on the situation. This email is formal. Make sure, the email with the correct name and check that everything is spelled correctly.

2. Meeting request email display your credentials

Cold mails are the one of the most powerful ones. To make it work you have to prove you’re someone worth their time.

Subject Line: Thank you for your time

Dear[name of  recipient],

I'm[name], working as [position] at [your company]. We're specialize in[detailed activities]. We’ve built a client base companies like [big-name clients]. Unlike other companies, we handle different approaches for your growth.

That's why I think we could[focus on their main point], and provided the best result quickly.

I wish to discuss this further[date] at [location]. If you are unavailable, feel free to suggest another time and location.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

Here we want to show only the companies, it should be similar to the company you are reaching out to.

For Example: If you are reaching a type of marketing companies, the showoff what you've done for some other marketing fields.

3. Reaching out to someone you already know

When reaching out to someone you've already know, you can make the emails more casual and shorter. No need for introduction, because they already know who you are, what you do, and who you work for.

Subject Line: Let's chat

Hey[person's name],

I hove the email find's you, I'm writing this email to schedule a meeting about[main topic of the meeting]. Want to book in a quick  meeting this week to see what we can do?

Let me know when you’re available.

Kind regards,

[your name]

If you are not sure about the acceptance of the meeting, you can give them the options of time and locations.

4. Meeting request email direct and to the point

This mail gives a great responses, if you know about your customers products well and how to solve.

Subject Line: Let's talk about[their direct point]

Dear[recipient name],

I’m [name] and I want to help you achieve [result]. I work for [company] and we offer [service], which can [benefits of product].

I visited your website[purpose], that time I notice the issue [brief the problem].I already gone through these kind of issues for[client's name]. I solve the issue, and it end up with[result].

Want to book in a quick  meeting this week to see what we can do? let me know when you are available.

Kind regards,


keep it short and casual, so it would be trust worthy. They respond quickly.

5. Meeting request email for SaaS Companies

In some companies, they will reach the certain growth and after sometime they face some obstacles. Your product or service help them get back to the growth.

If you scheduling the virtual meeting, it is easy way to grab your customers.

Subject Line: Requesting to schedule a meeting

Dear[recipient's name],

I've visited your website, you guys are doing great things in the[customer's industry]. Like your company, my company also achieving lots in[your product].

We’ve worked with [customer's names] in the past, and would like to do the same for you.

I wish to discuss this further[date] at [location]. If you are unavailable, feel free to suggest another time and location.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

This one focuses on the positive benefits. If you know about your client's achievements in their products, it increase the chances of receiving a response.

6. Meeting request email for a product demo

A product demo gives you a some ideas and it easily understandable for the client's. Making it easier for your prospects to imagine how to integrate the product in their lives.

In-person demonstration can leave a lasting impression, and thus increases your chance of you closing the deal.

Subject Line: A Demo request meeting

Dear[recipient's name],

I’m [name] and I want to help you achieve [result]. I work for [company] and we offer [products], which can [benefits of product].

Growing companies ready with us to handle their[product area] ,by choosing some benefits, like[product benefits],[product benefits]...

If you wish, you can schedule a 10 minutes demo[Link to scheduler].

Kind regards,

[Your name]

Make sure to showcase only the most relevant benefits of your product. We focus more on the product itself.

7. Informal email meeting request

If your company have an idea of doing informal things, or if any of the recipient have may already known some information about you or your company, you can write a lengthier, more casual meeting request email.

Subject Line: let's chat

Hey[recipient's name],

I'm[name], working as [position] at [your company]. We're specialize in[detailed activities]. We’ve built a client base companies like [big-name clients].

I'm looking for a new clients dealing with[product, direct points], We’ve worked with [customer's names] in the past, and would like to do the same for you.

Would either [choices of date and time] work for you?

Kind regards,

[Your name]

You can add some few lines, but make sure you using them correctly. Use them to provide value and make the best impression you can, instead of giving them too much information.

How to Ask for a Meeting by Email

Here are the few things you should know whenever you’re scheduling a meeting through email,

1. Double check for spelling and grammer errors

Even though spellcheck tools can catch many misspellings or grammatical errors, Even major brands and high-end companies aren’t immune to mistakes  to show that no one is perfect.

Make sure your recipient's name is correct and addressing your email to the right name.

2. Personalize you email

Another great tip for adding personalization at scale, add personalized elements based on a type of prospect, rather than an individual. If they think that you took the time to look them up and write to them, they may choose to do the same by replying.

3. Follow up with your prospects

First of all, don’t panic. Even with time-sensitive content, you may not get an immediate response. Don’t take no response as an answer. Disinterest is only one possible reason for ghosting you. The only way to know for sure is to follow up with your prospect.

You make sure you’ll reach your recipients and schedule a meeting with as many potential leads as you can.


Making a meeting request that stands out in their inbox is a great way to get past their gatekeepers to the people who can ultimately give you the green light. After you follow up to confirm the meeting, make sure you have a solid agenda and a few questions prepared so you have a meaningful discussion.

So if you're trying to find your way through a sea of meeting requests to find the best time for your client, you don't need to scour your email or your calendar every morning. You just need to check LeadMine, because what they have is what you need.

I hope this examples helps you. Try these templates.

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