Top 5 ZoomInfo Competitors and Alternatives in 2021

ZoomInfo is a popular lead generation tool, which is considered one of the best when it comes to a one-stop lead database. Although, they are not the only solution to this problem. Every lead generation company in the market offers new insights and different features. Making ZoomInfo competitors are important than ever to find.


First, we should know about the tool we plan on comparing the rest too.

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Price: Basic plan starts from $99/month

Features: Recruiting Automation, Sales Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Account Intelligence, Salesforce Appexchange Apps, Lead Capture, Visitor Identification, Lead Mining, Account Data Management, Email Verification, AI Sales Assistant, and Buyer Intent Data Tools

ZoomInfo is powered by DiscoverOrg and combines a database with an extensive view of contacts and companies. It provides complete and accurate company information to increase your business development and sales strategies.

This powerful tool is also packed with features and integrations to help combine other company workflows. By combing workflows, your team can deliver more leads and increase customer. With the most extensive B2B database, this tool changes your sales team’s ability to target exactly who you are looking for.

Using the Growth Acceleration Platform, you can connect with the decision-makers in any organization.

You can get access to job title, direct-dial phone numbers, email addresses, and other information about your prospects. It also allows you to build a targeted prospector list for your sales team to focus more on the prospecting and conversion.

As is with every bit of software or tool you introduce into your business, you should ensure that it is a suitable one. First, by speaking with your team about the problem, you as a whole are trying to solve it. Then taking the problem to the lead generation market and see who offers the features and solutions that you are looking for.

In today’s business world, companies are growing and adopting new software and tools so quickly. If you are not using the right type of lead generation tool to help your team then they are all on a competitive edge, maybe falling behind.

We know how exciting it can be looking for a new tool and how you rush to find one. Companies may lose up to 15% of their customers each year, and it is important to know as many as you can.

With that percentage being high, you should stop wasting any more time. This is why we are hoping to make your search for a new lead generation tool a bit easier and faster with this ZoomInfo competitor list.

#1 LeadMine

Price: Basic plan starts from $29/month

Common Feature: Lead capture.

Unique Feature: Lead Intelligence.

LeadMine, our own tool, is a simple and efficient B2B lead generation tool that is used to know the audience who are all looking for perfect business deals. Using email finder, you can find leads in 200 million contacts with accurate and reliable as we are adding data on regular basics. It provides contact information, email addresses, job title, location, and other relevant details.

This tool can be used to get new contact information or verify the one which you are having doubts about its validity. One of the best features is the chrome extension that we have developed. Through this extension, you can manage all prospects in an easy and efficient way. We also provide a free plan with 10 credits/month after sign-up.

So why are you waiting? Sign-up at LeadMine right now!

#2 Datanyze

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Price: Basic plan starts from $55/month

Common Features: Sales Intelligence, and Marketing Account Intelligence.

Unique Feature: Lead Intelligence.

Datanyze is a well-known lead generation tool that we are all came across. It aims to help sales professionals connect with quality prospects, but also provide icebreakers that lead to meaningful conversations. This gives you the opportunity to connect with the companies that you are looking for.

So, you can be able to follow up with the customers and get their details (contact information, email addresses, company details, and so on). You could create segmented lists with contacts and companies whichever you tagged and then available to export with a click of a button.

They provide a 90-days free trial with 10 credits/month.


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Price: Not mentioned, you need to raise a request for a quote.

Common Features: Sales Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, and Marketing Account Intelligence.

Unique Features: Sales Engagement and Email Tracking. is another lead generation tool with rich features that can help your entire sales team. From finding the company you are interested in, finding relevant information about decision-maker within the company, and exporting the entire information. It just does it all.

You can also be able to integrate with other CRM such as Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and so on. This is useful to gather all business-related information to assist your sales team by getting detailed company profiles.

With robust CRM integration and chrome extension, their database enables your sales team to connect faster. They provide a free trial and a product demo can be got by request.

#4 Lead411

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Price: Basic plan starts from $50/month.

Common Features: Sales Intelligence, Lead Mining, Marketing Intelligence, and Marketing Account Intelligence.

Unique Features: Lead Intelligence and Sales Engagement.

Lead411 is a powerful lead generation platform with an extensive database to assist your sales team, marketers, and other teams. They provide thousands of contact information and verified email addresses.

Their data is very accurate and reliable as they are verifying their data and adding thousands of new data daily. You can be able to target an audience who are all in their purchasing decision mind.

With their powerful tool and its ability to arrange data for your business process, it makes itself an asset. Now, you can see why this is one of the strongest ZoomInfo competitors on the market. They provide 50 free leads with a demo.

#5 UpLead

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Price: Basic plan starts from $99/month

Common Features: Sales Intelligence, Marketing Intelligence, and Marketing Account Intelligence.

Unique Feature: Lead Intelligence.

UpLead is a B2B lead generation platform, which helps your sales team to connect with the perfect audience. They give access to an existing online lead database of over 46 million online profiles and offer tools to help you to find the right customer, maybe the key decision-maker.

You can refine your audience to exactly who you are looking for with the ability to add over 50 filters. Also, you can be able to verify the contact information in real-time. Then you can download all the information for yourself or for your team to use in a minute.

UpLead can integrate with the most popular CRM tools such as Zoho, HubSpot, and so on, which ensures that you and your team have all the information that you need. They provide a 7-days free trial with five credits.

Getting Narrowed

Thankfully these lead generation tools offer free trials or product demo of their data. It is difficult to determine the tool you will buy from my input and what the company says. This is meant to be a guideline to help you choose the top alternative tools of ZoomInfo to trial and share with us at LeadMine about which one works for you.

Janani is a Content Writer at LeadMine. She’s an avid reader and tries to give valuable information and advice on prospect's issues through storytelling and data-driven content.

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