What Is Finding and Validating Email Address, Anyway?

In 1970, email was introduced with the ‘@’ symbol for the user’s system address. Everyone in the world uses it to communicate their message through the internet.

Obviously, we started finding and validating the email addresses from that day onwards.

I have seen in classic old movies where people ask other people’s email address to stay connected – endless love emails, business deal emails, friend’s boring vacation emails, parent children's emotional emails, etc. It was fascinating to see those scenes, but also the wrong email address gives a panic attack.

So, from the classic generation to the techy generation, we never get tried to find email addresses and valid whether it is the right one or not!

Finding an Email Address

Nowadays, finding an email is not a hard task to do. People mention their email addresses on social media, websites, and bios. Email became the basic thing to connect with others.

There are three ways to find someone’s email address:

1. Through Guessing

In business, most decision-makers don’t mention their email address to let anyone know. That means their contact information keeps confidential from others.

Before you jump into the internet pool for companies and email addresses, it is a must that you should know how they are constructed. If you can’t find someone’s email online, you could guess the pattern to know the email address.

Guessing the email address is a common way of finding emails but you should follow the correct email address format.

Email address format – [email protected]_name

This is how an email address pattern follows – a person’s name, ‘@’ symbol, and a domain name. And, there are many pattern possibilities for an email address.

For example, let's say a person name is Bob Buttons,

But you just need to know the correct pattern to find the email address or else it's going to take a while to find the pattern and then connect with them.

Here are some ways to know other company patterns:

  • Search their contact page
  • Open case studies and white papers
  • Look up on LinkedIn for a person who works in the company
  • Contact the sales team and request their email address
  • Notice the email pattern when you subscribe to their newsletter

This is the simplest but not effective way of finding an email address. You may find the email address by guessing but not for sure that the email is the right one. That’s why email finder tools are helpful.

2. Through Email Finder

Lead generation tools like LeadMine provides email finder to help to find a corporate email address of a person. You just need their name and company domain name.

Using our email lookup tool, you can able to find anyone’s company email address in a second with email validation. We have several millions of records and cross-checks with the existing database.

How did the email lookup tool work?

When you enter the person’s name and company domain name. It checks with our several million records of database and brings that person’s corporate email address in a faster way.

We update our database on a regular period. There is no chance of missing out on data in our database and accuracy in the results.

And, we are providing free plans which include email finder, lead finder, chrome extension, and email verification.

3. Through Chrome Extension

If you are looking for a way to find and get bulk email addresses to do cold emails to increase your sale or to do email marketing, you might be needing a chrome extension.

Our chrome extension helps you to find their email addresses from any corporate websites and Google search results. It allows you to easily extract their name, position, company, email address, social media accounts, etc.

All you need to do is to click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button on the website and allow our chrome extension to do its work for you.

Finding an email is hard but you know what is harder than that - To verify the email address!!!

Validating an Email Address

A lot of times we find ourselves in a situation where we want to check if an email actually exists given the user has entered their email address. Or we are in a situation where we want to be sure that an email is valid before we use it for something very important.

Email is indispensable. That’s why email validation and verification are important email security practices.

Did you know how developers develop a code to validate an email address?

When may have seen the error message saying, ‘You entered the wrong email address. Please! Enter it correctly’ in many websites while subscribing to their newsletters or free account.

Those error message will appear when the below syntax didn’t match your email address format,


You can learn more about Email Address Regular Expression at emailregex.com.

Email validation can be used to reduce your email bounce rate and cleans your email list by filtering the spammy and invalid addresses that help you in proceeding towards your email campaign securely. But many professionals are unaware of email validation tools.

Are you looking for the right place to validate an email address?

As I said our email finder gives the best results with email validation. We also provide an email verifier to check the email address whether it is the correct one or not.

With our email verifier, you can able to verify its availability and the genuineness of the email across our 200 million unique corporate email addresses. If the email address does not exist, we check the following – syntax, MX record of the domain, and ping the mail server for email deliverability.

By finding and validating an email address with the right tool, you can say bye, bye to the email bounce rate.

It’s a Must!!!

No one likes when their email bounce rate gets higher. To reduce the bounce rate, you need a tool which gives both the feature in one place.

LeadMine, a lead generation tool provides an email finder, lead finder, email verifier, chrome extension, etc to help you find valid emails for your email campaign to increase your business sale.

Finding and validating an email address is a must when you need to connect with the right people, especially when it comes to business deals or email campaigns.

Janani is a Content Writer at LeadMine. She’s an avid reader and tries to give valuable information and advice on prospect's issues through storytelling and data-driven content.

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