How to Set Automated Email Response Templates - Easy Tips and Templates

In your business you would have got tons of emails and have to reply each one of them.

Actually we have a template option where you can draft a content and save them, then the time you have to send your email you simply click on the template it automatically paste the draft you have previously saved.

Now how useful it is, you don't have to type for everyone's Email anymore.

Here are the topics that we will be looking in this blog:

  1. What is Automated Email Response?
  2. 13 Tips to Create a Strong Automated Email Response
  3. 13 Automated Email responses Templates
  4. How to Set Your Automated Email Response Templates

What is Automated Email Response?‌

Automated Email Response is a feature provided by email services and account providers to make bulk actions or repeated actions simpler with prior drafted templates that can be used as many times as a user wants to use them.

The only tip on automated email responses is to proofread your emails' automated templates before you send them, as they can be irrelevant at any point in time.

13 Tips to Create a Strong Automated Email Response:

#1 Emotional subject-line

Subject-line is the key element that makes your recipient open your email.

If you have a poor or weak subject line, all the emails with that template have been ignored by your recipient.

This explains why you need a good subject line.

There are a bunch of words that have an emotional impact on your recipient compared to an email sent by a bot.

Emotional words to use in your email subject line:

  • Successful
  • Quality
  • Delighted
  • Limited
  • Valuable
  • Check

#2 Short and crisp

Your automated email does not have to be a two-line message, but who is going to read a long typed message?

Always have a point when messaging. Unless you are going to provide them with conditions.

#3 Make it personalized

At the time you are proofreading your automatic email, make sure you simply add your recipient's pronoun and their name in your email.

Leave a space to personalize your email context when you draft it. This can make it easier.

#4 Add Emoji

Adding emoji to your email context makes it look more interactive and friendly.

You don't want your recipient to feel awkward after receiving your literary or professional language.

Here are some emojis you can use in your email to make it sound more friendly.

😀 😅 🙂 🥳 😉 👋🏻 🎊 🎉 💡

#5 Add visuals

Adding memes, images, and gifs to your email can make your email automatic response template funnier and not a boring email from an annoying company.

Adding visuals to the email automatic response template is totally optional.

Never make it obvious and add more visuals, which sometimes look like an advertisement, as this can revert back the opportunity.

#6 Give a call to action

CTA (Call-to-actions) are the heroes of email. You are never supposed to miss them by any chance.

Always give the relevant CTA in your email automatic response templates.

#7 Give your email signature

Email signatures are the new visiting cards for your roles.

Give your email signature in every email and never forget to add them in your unless it is sent from your business’ official email, which is not yours.

#8 Send an email at common shift times

Sending an email at the wrong time is an abstract mistake.

Don't feel the urgency and reply to it the soonest you see it.

You would have seen it at midnight.

Make a mid-day schedule to revert back to all the emails you have received or to start a new email.

#9 Mention a magical word

Sending an email with too much can be too much for a recipient who may see you as just another company.

Use magical words to sound more kind and interactive, like “Thanks” and ”Please”. Other words you can use to express more kindness are regards, "thank you for understanding,," or "thank you for your patience."

Just like call-to-action links, which are a way to make your recipient take action.

But, giving a lot of links in your email may lead to user frustration like rage clicks. So make your links minimal.

Also, you all think long linked words can work, and they do, but do not make your recipient feel like the email is a linked page.

#11 Use transition words

Transition words make your Email feel more like a conversation.

Draft your automated email response templates as you have just typed them for your recipient.

Here is a list of transition words you can use in your automated email response templates.

#12 Do not give data

There is a vast difference between insightful and lots of data. Make your mail more insightful.

Adding numerical values in your automated email responses can grab attention and build trust between you and your recipient.

But giving unwanted and irrelevant data can make your recipient feel that your automated email responses are more like spam.

#13 Use grammatical tools

Tools like Grammarly and Quillbot can make your automated email responses errorless.

It is common that us all to make spelling and grammatical errors in our emails. But it is not common when your recipient is a client.

Your recipient may lose trust in you and your company.

So be more conscious of what and how error-less automated email response templates are drafted.

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13 Automated Email responses Templates:

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#5 Feedback Request

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For sales

#9 Confirm Transaction

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#10 Service Request

Hi! Jim Hopper

We are from Starcount! We received your request for service. Your service request has been confirmed, and our team will reach you and do the service according to your satisfaction.

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#11 Confirm customer details

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For Human Rsource

#12 Apply for the role

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How to Set Your Automated Email Response Templates:

Step 1: Go to the settings in your Gmail (see all settings).

Step 2: Go to “Advanced” and find the “template” options.

Step 3: Enable the "templates" option and do not forget to save the changes.

Step 4: Compose a new mail and click the more options.

Step 5: Add your text and save it as a new template.

The Final Step: Give your new template a name and save it.

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