How to Find Someone’s Email Address Using Their Name?

What’s in a name? Well, you can find your prospect’s email address using the name, the perfect associate for your business, and links to proliferate.

There are a lot of tools available in the market to help you find email addresses using their first name, last name, and even the company name but there are a lot of impediments in this process.

From price points of these paid services to inefficiencies and inaccuracies of both unpaid and paid services, the consumer is muddled in between what is the appropriate choice meeting all his needs and requirements, and getting the job done.

But at LeadMine, we provide you with an all-in-one solution, making the flow of your work much smoother and hassle-free.

Why choose LeadMine?

It’s easy: LeadMine’s interface leads you a smooth trail to find email addresses with no time.

Try FRE, discover value: The best way to ensure if something will work or not is to take a trial and the good news is LeadMine provides such trials. Once settled with our value you can anytime subscribe to our affordable prices.

Verification: LeadMine goes the extra mile to verify the email addresses and ensure they are genuine and bona fide and your message is effectively reaching your prospect.

No more bounces: The pain of your precious mail ending up in a spam folder is a lot, and we understand it. LeadMine’s data analysis helps to segregate real-time and accurate data from redundant and outdated ones.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address

Step 1: Visit LeadMine

Visit our website at: https://www.leadmine.net/ and basic Login or sign up is required

Step 2: Input Data: Input the following details of the prospect you are looking for -

First name: For Example: ELON

Last name: For Example: MUSK

Company name and domain name: TESLA is the company name and Tesla.com is the domain name. A domain name provides for more accurate and swift results.

Step 3: Click-Click!

Click on the “find emails” button and voila a verified email address is served to you!

You don’t have to worry about the bounce-offs or undergo any stress of your mail not reaching your lead, as LeadMine has already filtered the results for you using its core technology.

There’s more to it

Along with finding and verifying Someone’s Email Address Using Their Name, LeadMine can help you in the following ways-

These functions come in handy, by using LeadMine’s chrome extension. Learn more.

If you still have any queries, our virtual assistants are always happy to answer you, or drop us a mail at [email protected]

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