20 Cold Calling Scripts To Change Your Sales Game

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Although many people believe cold calling is dead, many successful businesses rely on it to generate money. Whether they're Fortune 500 firms or high-growth startups, they have sales agents who are eager to phone numbers every day.

With the advent of work from home setting, sales teams that were able to adjust to the new circumstances found tremendous success calling up prospects in these years.

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It takes a long time and is full of rejection. And if you find the correct lead, you'll only have a few moments to effectively communicate the worth of your alternative.

As a result, we've developed a list of over 20 cold calling script templates to assist you and your team in making the most effective cold calls imaginable.

You can use these templates to develop your own scripts, improve old ones, and brush up on your skills.

20 Best Cold Calling Scripts and Examples

Aah! This article's primary appeal! I'll show you some examples of how you can approach your prospects. These techniques may or may not be appropriate for your sector. But I'll try to keep this as generic as possible.

1. Basic cold calling script

Hello [prospect],

I'm calling from [Company Name] and my name is [rep]. What's new with you today?

Do you manage your company's corporate communications or phone systems?

I'm contacting you today because we'd want to set up a time next week to talk about [short company introduction] [offerings] for your firm. [Company Name] has received [any awards or distinctions] as a leader.

[Short Product/Feature Description] On your laptop, mobile, and tablet, you can give your staff a single place to engage with each other, clients, and suppliers. It's all about teamwork, increasing productivity, improving customer service, and assisting staff in working more efficiently.

When would be a good time for us to talk more about how we can help you go forward with the cloud or any other solution?

You can substitute something relevant to your service for the above section.

2. Capture prospects attention


I'm [your name] from [your company's name].

I hope I haven't caught you at an inopportune moment.

[Wait for your prospect's approval before making your pitch for an IT company. [Here's an example of how you could frame your cold call pitch]

For startups, we provide a workflow automation tool. It means smoother workflows and synergies across numerous channels for many businesses, including yours. This is made feasible by features such as integrated automation, scheduling automation, and more. Our testing and analytics features produced excellent outcomes for our customers. Is this something your company requires as well?

Now, request an appointment time to go over the product in greater detail.

I'd want to demonstrate how [name of customer] and our other customers have doubled conversions. Next week's date is Wednesday. Is that something you'd be interested in?

3. Setting up a meeting

Hi [Prospect’s name],

My name is [rep], and I’m calling from [Company Name]. How are you doing today?

I know we haven’t had a chance to meet, but [I saw that your company recently was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the area].

I haven’t caught you in a bad time, have I?

Well, I will be brief and to the point. Many of our current customers are similar to [prospects business name] in that they [are experiencing growth and are looking for CRM’s to automate workflow and save time of their employees.] Does it sound like your company?

Well, we're a [provide a brief description of your organisation and how your programme may assist them in automating process] Next week, I'd want to set aside 10-15 minutes to learn more about your company and how we might be able to save you time and money. In reality, [Tuesday and Wednesday] are both free. Which method is the most effective for you?

4. Collaboration with gatekeepers


My name is Joy, and I'd want to introduce myself. I was hoping you could assist me. I looked on the [COMPANY] LinkedIn profile for your name but couldn't find it. Are you the one who generally answers the phone? Before I asked for a favour, I'd feel a lot better if I know your name.

(Repeat the gatekeeper's name and express gratitude.)

I'd like to talk to [PROSPECT'S NAME]/the person in charge of X. What's the most efficient approach to accomplish this?

5. Leaving a Voicemail

Hello [NAME]

Elsa from XYZ Mobile here.

My reason for calling is that I have an idea for how I might be able to assist you in improving the difficult process of recruiting employees, particularly nurses. I was wondering if it would be appropriate for us to have a quick conversation to learn more about it.

You can reach me at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

My name is Elsa, and I can be reached at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER].

Thank you,

6. Follow-up Script

Hello [NAME],

My name is Jack from ABC Small Business. I'm so glad we were able to finally meet last week and learn more about your company.

Based on our discussion, I believe we can agree that [your company name] would benefit greatly from partnering with us to provide you with the tools you need to improve productivity, collaboration, and close deals faster.

Please assist me in understanding what needs to happen in order for us to move forward and get started.

I'd like to send you a proposal to review so that we can get started. Let's set aside 10 minutes to go over the specifics. I'm available on Monday and Thursday afternoons. What is the most effective method for you? I'm very excited to be working with [their company name].

7. Cold calling your referral connections

Hello [prospect's name],

I know we've never met, but Ms/Mr. [name your mutual connection here] suggested I contact you. He/she believes you will be the best fit for our services. Do you have a minute to talk about it?

You can continue with your basic calling script once your prospect gives you permission to do so.

(Name of your product) is intended to assist[mention the department in charge, i.e. marketing/customer service/sales, etc.] teams in enjoying[mention the pain points that your product seeks to address].

Our feature set assists you in [mentioned the goals that your prospect wishes to achieve]. We have [mention the relevant set of solutions provided by your product] all as part of the solutions we provide.

I can show you how many of our clients are using the tool to achieve their objectives. I'd be happy to give you a quick tour of the tool to help you understand its features. How about we schedule a conference call for next week?

Thank You

8. Promotional Sales Script

Hello [Name],

This is Joe from Fit Small Business. I understand you want to work with us to help streamline your sales process, but you're worried about the cost of onboarding and training.

I went ahead and discussed your concerns with my boss, asking if there was anything we could do to make it easier and get you started.

He informed me that we are running a promotion for free training, which I can extend to you. However, this is a limited-time offer that will expire at the end of the month.

Do you think it's feasible to start by the 31st? Please let me know, and I will draught your proposal and send it to you. Thank you for giving me the chance to earn your business.

Thank you

9. Overcoming Objections Script

Hello [Name],

My name is Jessy and I work for Fit Small Business. I wanted to follow up on our previous discussion about switching to our human resources management software. I have some information that I believe may be useful.

I didn't catch you at a bad time, did I?

Great. I understand you're currently using [X software] for your recruiting and performance management solutions, so I understand why you're hesitant to switch.

According to what I know, it does not provide applicant tracking tools, which you mentioned wanting during our last conversation.

Our programme will automatically send you the best matches for specific positions, so I believe we can help you streamline that process.

Who else would be needed to make it happen? Let's schedule a time for me to come out and demonstrate those features to you and your team to see if it's a good fit.

I'm available in the afternoons of [Tuesday and Friday]. What is the most effective method for you?

Thank you

10. A Friend Sent Me

Hello [NAME],

Mike and I are currently seeing excellent results from [CLIENT COMPANY]'s automation, and when discussing who else might benefit, your name came up.

Congratulations on [obtaining an investment/new acquisition/other personalization]. What you're doing at [PROSPECT COMPANY] is outstanding!

I'd love to show you how we assisted Mike in achieving [RESULT] and how we might be able to do the same for you. Is this something you'd be interested in?

11. I don’t have time

I understand that this isn't a major priority for you right now, or that you don't see the benefit.

Several people have expressed similar sentiments, but after a quick chat, they were eager to learn more.

Give me two minutes of your time, and I guarantee you'll know whether this is a worthwhile use of your time.

12. Becoming a familiar name

Hello [NAME],

It's James from XYZ calling. Did you get a chance to read the email I sent you on Thursday?


I emailed since I observed you're in charge of [COMPANY'S] sales processes and operations. Is that correct?

13. Voicemail follow-up

Hello [NAME],

I left a voice message for X last week and wanted to check if now was a good time to contact him.

We [STATE YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION] to remind you. I'd want to demonstrate how to generate [RESULT].

Are you interested in scheduling a call to learn more?

14. The Detail-Oriented Follow-Up

Hello [NAME],

As requested, I'm returning your call. I'm hoping now is still a good moment; have you had a chance to read my email?

Great! As I previously stated, we assist [PERSONS] like you in achieving [RESULT]. This is a fast two-minute conversation to determine if we're a good fit, as discussed.

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions to learn more about your requirements and see if we'd be a good fit to collaborate?

Thank you

15. Tie new hires to product needs

Hello [NAME],

My name is Elya from ABC, and I'm calling because I saw on [NAME OF JOB SITE] that you were seeking new SDRs. I wanted to let you know that we offer a prospecting platform designed to get your current team more qualified meetings.

You're most likely hiring to solve the problem of needing more meetings, and I wanted to let you know that we offer a prospecting platform designed to get your current team more qualified meetings.

Before you go to your next interview, let's have a 10-minute talk to see whether we're a good fit. We can even show you how to view email and contact information in real time.

Thank you

16. Show them you have something valuable

Hello [prospect's name],

This is Yeima from [your company]. What's the status of your [today's day]?

I understand that this isn't a major priority for you right now, or that you don't see the benefit. Several people have expressed similar sentiments, but after a quick chat, they were eager to learn more.

Give me two minutes of your time, and I guarantee you'll know whether this is a worthwhile use of your time.

Thank you

17. Product pitch

Hello, this is [your name] from [introduction to the company].

[Insert a question here]

The reason for my call today is that [company/product description] is where we work. Our [product] was created to satisfy [market demand]. Does it describe you?

[short description of the product]

There's good news! Our product is specifically designed to assist you. Is it possible for me to.

  • Do you want to schedule a meeting with one of our solution architects?
  • Could you please send me some further information?
  • Set up a meeting with our team to learn more about our services?

18. Cold calling younger prospects

Hello [Prospect Name],

I'm calling from [Company Name] and my name is [Your Name]. As a millennial, I understand that having adequate health insurance coverage is a high issue for you.

Am I correct? [Pause] That's what I assumed. I'd like to meet with you to discuss your existing health insurance and present some cost-effective alternatives that may provide even better benefits.

Are you available to meet at your house on Thursday at 6:30 p.m.?

Thank you

19. Basis of a referral from someone else

Hello [Name],

My name is John.I'm in the company of X. (Organization Name).Sam Anders, who works in your Springfield office, suggested that I call you. (Referral)

We've spent the last 12 years focusing on (state what you specialise in)

I'm calling because we're hosting a private, CEO-only dinner and speaker event at the Copley Plaza in downtown Boston, where CEOs will have the opportunity to network and hear from our keynote speaker, the dean of Triton University Business School (Pause)

Because we've never met, I'd be delighted to have you attend the event as my guest.

Is it okay if I put your name down as a yes for the event?

Thank you

20. Asking a current subscriber to refer others

Hello [Name],

how are you?

I'm happy to hear you're doing well!

The fact that you're using our daily accountability + support + a way to track and measure your success says a lot about you and your determination!! And this is only the beginning!

Because you're successful, I'm confident in asking you to introduce me to another serious person who could use and benefit from our system.

I'd want to provide a free week of service to the individual you recommend to make their decision easier. (Perhaps this as well – optional – You can always claim to have clout.) "You know who I'm talking about.... ")

Thank you


Without a doubt, cold calling is a challenging chore. These, on the other hand, are working cold calling script templates that will improve your outcomes.

It's possible that you won't be able to utilize the scripts exactly as written. They are, nevertheless, excellent illustrations of how to conduct successful cold calls.

If making phone calls isn't your thing, then it's time to try SMS. After all, SMS marketing appears to be a good proposition in several cases.

Oh, and our blog has more interesting articles like this. Make certain to take a look.

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